East Coast Migrant Head Start Project has the following positions openfor our new locations in Tahlequah and Anadarko, Oklahoma.

Preschool Assistant Teacher – Tahlequah
Center/Bus Caregiver – Tahlequah
Bilingual Caregiver – Tahlequah
Early Childhood Education/Disabilities Coordinator – Tahlequah
Early Childhood Education Disabilities Specialist – Tahlequah
Teacher – Tahlequah
Center Cook – Tahlequah
Family Community Partnership Health Specialist – Tahlequah
Family and Health Coordinator – Tahlequah
Bus Driver – Tahlequah
Preschool Assistant Teacher – Anadarko
Center/Bus Caregiver – Anadarko
Bilingual Caregiver – Anadarko
Center Cook – Anadarko
Teacher – Anadarko
Family and Health Coordinator – Anadarko
Early Childhood Education/Disabilities Coordinator – Anadarko
Bus Driver – Anadarko

For more information regarding all open positions, please call Patricia Lang at 919-926-3332.