S and S Farms
3401 NE Oklahoma City, OK

For many people in all walks of life, the idea of starting a vegetable garden might seem overwhelming. It could be the time investment, it might be perceived costs or it may even be a lack of know-how: what to plant, how to plant, and how to care for a garden. However, the positive benefits of being part of the agriculture community, while making it worthwhile to enable our community members in gardening brings lifelong benefits. These benefits from such an activity are, understanding nutrition, gained agriculture skills, acquiring business knowledge, and a sense of pride and accomplishment which enhances mental health.

ORO HEP program is excited to announce that we have started 2 gardens with our students to teach them how to live off the land responsibly, gain the ability through work of their own to make an income that would assist with putting money in their pockets.  ORO HEP has partnered with local famer Teddy Swindall who has graciously offered the land and his knowledge of gardening for our community garden project.

The vegetables that are not sold will be donated to the surrounding communities to teach our students to pay it forward.