Our Mission

The Mission of ORO Development corporation is to provide EDUCATION, TRAINING, HOUSING, EMPLOYMENT, and ASSISTANCE for eligible individuals and agricultural industry workers, as they become self-sufficient, productive members of the community.

ORO DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION was established in 1971 and is committed to provide access to opportunities and information for migrant and seasonal farm workers and other low-income families to gain the ability to achieve more sufficient and productive lives within their social and economic environment.

Our Vision

Improve Lives, Develop Communities, and Build a Competent Workforce.

Our Purpose

To Provide Training, Employment, and Assistance for Eligible Agricultural Industry Workers.

We Provide Solutions To

  • Problems faced by migrant and seasonal farm workers.
  • Problems faced by ranch workers.
  • Problems faced by employers in finding good employees.
  • Problems accessing affordable housing opportunities.
  • Problems accessing educational opportunities.
  • Problems accessing other agencies for supportive services.