Stephanie Ivers

I am writing to you today to say Thank You ORO and the HEP Program!!!!  You guys rock! You have treated me all the way through each step of this process with respect and dignity.

Being a high school dropout, and a teen Mom had all but eliminated my hopes of getting my High School Diploma.

With the help of the ORO and the HEP I’m on my way to completing my GED and looking forward to my next step in my educational journey.

This journey with ORO and the HEP has reunited me with my grandmother and brought much joy back in my life and my family. I now see hope in the future to provide a better life for my children, something I thought was all but gone!

Walter Duncan – Altus, Oklahoma

My name is Walter Duncan and I’m 56 years old.  I never completed high school and at my age never thought I would.  I have had many jobs over the years, but was always held back due to the fact I didn’t have a High School Diploma.  I had heard about ORO from my wife’s co-worker.

I contacted the Altus ORO field office to inquire about the HEP program and was giving Mrs. Elliot’s (Project Director) contact information.  The service’s the program provided, gave me the ability to do the online courses, take the exams and still have pocket money.

I’m 2 exams away from completing my GED and moving on to Southwest Technology Center for my next educational adventure.  This was all made possible by ORO High School Equivalency Program.  Thank you!!!

Dulce Lopez – Muskogee, OK

From seed’s to Tree’s.  Our HEP student Dulce Lopez is featured here in this photo @ Greenleaf Nursery Company in Muskogee Oklahoma, where a Japanese Maple Tree was raised for the White House grounds.